Parade is one of those things that I have a hard time finding words to describe. All I know for certain is that I really enjoyed it. A superb musician and master wordsmith, armed with a voice that is haunting. Like Picasso with his paints and brushes, Phillippe paints vivid pictures with his music and lyrics.” - Bill Wilson

Reflections in Blues

PARADE - "This is bluesy folk, with some jazzy elements as well, giving it a very cool, laid-back sound and vibe, like a late night or early morning in New Orleans, when most people have gone to bed or passed out, but there are still things to be said, things to be felt and expressed for those strange denizens of pre-dawn dealings, that half-light of farewells and possibilities." ” - Michael Doherty


If young Tom Waits grew up in the Mississippi Delta, developed a fascination for the New Orleans vibe as well as the classic bluesmen from the region, he may have evolved into present-day Bill Phillippe as he emerges on his most recent CD, Parade.” - Fred Kraus

Minor 7th Online Music Reviews

This is not your typical blues fact, not sure it's a typical release at all, but it's interesting. In a cool followup to 2014's Ghosts, Phillippe set new roads in a sensuous and unconventional way.” - Bman

Bman's Blues Report

"listeners may be reminded of Waits’ musical style while listening to Parade, in the way that Phillippe approaches the blues. He’s not bound by traditions or norms, choosing to add musical elements in ways not usually heard (or even thought of) by most blues fans. It’s an approach that works wonders and deserves to be heard." ” - Graham Clarke

Blues Bytes

Bill Phillippe continues to bring a fresh, avant-garde perspective to the blues, using visionary instrumentation to convey the message that life is a “Parade,” so let’s all embrace it!” - Don and Sheryl Crow

Don and Sheryl's bluesblog

PARADE - "This is one for all the vintage Leonard Cohen fans” - Norman John Darwen

Flying Shoes

No one else right now sounds quite like this, and isn't likely to anytime soon. It's like a cross of the Mississippi Delta with Mississippi Street in Potrero Hill” - Bill Bentley

The Morton Report

PARADE - "All the songs sound like they’ve been plucked from a time machine, and brought to life in the modern world. It's really rather good, as it takes a sidestep into a world inhabited by clarinets, accordions and dimly lit, illegal after hours clubs. An incredibly atmospheric piece of work. A round of applause for everyone involved.”

The Rocker

PARADE - "Bill Phillippe is taking the next step. A clarinet, an accordion and an upright bass help him creating an unique, often somewhat melancholic atmosphere, which is needed to let this Parade succeed” - Eric Schuurmans